Benefits of a Virtual Classroom


Virtual classrooms is a learning setting that exists absolutely in the form of digital content that is kept and retrieved through network of computers and information systems like mobiles, notebooks PDAs etc. The difference between physical and virtual classrooms is those of time, spaces and location needed by participants whether teachers or students or members of a book club to access and partake in classroom activities.

Today, many forms of learning or any form of activities that takes place in a classroom has been digitalized to become virtual classrooms. This is because there are lots of benefits of using a virtual classroom which are as follows:

Time saved- In a physical classroom, a physical location must be visited at a fixed time for it to take place, and on the other hand, a virtual classroom is not physically accessed and does not have real fixed time or location which is a great advantage.

More Tools Used- In a virtual class, more tools can be used to send the message through. This increases the mode of communication as everyone is able to access them through the internet. There can be use of E-mails, Podcasting, Video/audio conferencing, Instant Messaging, Wikis, Weblogs, Teleconferencing, Chat rooms among many more.

Wider Audience- A virtual classroom can be attended by countless members or students. As long as the password is issued or the access code, everyone permitted has a right of entry in that class even if it’s simultaneously without getting excessive attendance. This also means that the class can be attended by anyone from anywhere irrespective of the distance from the teacher or the host.

Synchronous learning- the communication or the class session does not happen in real-time, the students or teachers or members are not present in the similar space and time as each other. Work or response is delivered at different time where the instructions are placed at one time. This allows everyone to study at their own space and their own private time, and the teacher or the host is advantaged as he/she does not have to repeat him/herself as the entire discussion is recorded and can be repeated continuously.

Easy access to all the reference material- Unlike the gone days where people had to go to a library to refer to something he/she didn’t understand in the classroom, attending a virtual classroom allows the student/attendee to have all the reference material at the tip of their fingers. If anything is not understood, one can quickly retain the material get up to speed and back into the discussion in the classroom.

Less Paperwork- Taking notes and exam preparation has never been easier. Every discussion groups, mails, chats and other means of communication are logged along with the student notes so that they can refer to them at any time. This works better for students who will not understand everything at firsthand, furthermore the reference is more accurate as it’s directly from the teacher or the host. Moreover, there will be no need to write notes down just like the gone days.

Advanced learning experience- In the past, the normal form of teaching was by lecture so having a movie or visual aid was something of a treat for students. Today the teacher can simply combine their lecture with audio and video clips to completely engage the students in the subject matter at hand.

Virtual classrooms have become quite popular among all form of education, conferences and every kind of gathering. The benefits are endless and as technology is advancing the easier it becomes to apply this form of communication. This has been utilized for a long time in large fortune 500 companies to aid their employees with continued education, but it now has also been largely adapted into smaller firms in the technology sector such as engineering firms and Data Recovery Miami labsthat have embraced virtual classrooms for their educational purposes.