Lawn games for the whole family

One of the best reasons why you should switch over to artificial turf is because it will allow you to spend some more quality time with your friends and family members. Here are some great lawn games that you and your entire family can take advantage of if you have artificial turf installed in your lawn.

The best games to play with your family on your lawn:

1.) Playing Frisbee with your family can be a great online game that you can all take advantage of. Frisbee is one of the most popular lawn games in America. It is the perfect way to get your family out and doing exercise all at the same time while creating great memories with one another. This can also be a great game where you can include your dogs or any type of pads as well.

2.) Another great game that you guys can play together is tag. Tag is also a very common and popular game that is played by many people all over the world. Tag is a great long game for you and your family members because you will not have to constantly worry about stepping all over the garage and damaging it. With synthetic grass, you will be able to run around without having to worry about anything.

3.) Another great game can be golf. With synthetic grass, it can be a lot easier for you to set up a mini golf course in your own backyard. This is definitely something that the entire family can take advantage of, and a great way to help teach your children the more about this great sport.

4.) Playing hide and seek is also a great game that can incorporate your entire family members.

All of the games listed above are guaranteed to help you and your family spend a great time outdoors enjoying your fresh lawn. With Turf Distributors artificial grass, you will automatically have many more opportunities to take advantage of your grade grass in general. Another great thing about synthetic grass is the fact that you guys can completely take advantage of having great grass throughout the entire year without worrying about damaging it.

Talk The Talk of Landscape

In the process of creating a beautiful outdoor environment, landscape contractors often play a key role. Landscape contractors undergo training and certifications that allow them to make informed decisions as they plan, construct, and sometimes even maintain the gardens constructed. The term “landscape contractor” includes landscape designers, landscape architects, and landscape management/managers. Before ever breaking ground, landscape designers assess the area and present different project ideas to help beautify the land. This is often done in concert with the client. The landscape designer tries to find ways to help the client realize their dream for the garden while also bearing in mind resource accessibility such as water, sun light, and soil types. Landscape designers are trained to be able to identify which plant types will grow best in different settings. As they select plants and consider different structures to build in the gardens, they may use computer programs or pen and paper as they draw diagrams to present to the client. After choosing a single plan or combining a series of plans into one, landscape architects began construction on the gardens. Sometimes they will use general contractors to complete portions of the project. For example, landscape architects may hire a third party painting company to paint a pergola. While the painters are contributing to the project, they are not considered landscape architects. If any unforeseen problems arise during the constructions process, landscape architects may have to go back to the landscape designers for solutions. After the project is completed, the gardens will have to be maintained. Landscape contractors may be hired to carry out this duty as a landscape manager. If the upkeep is conducted by someone who does not possess the qualifications of a landscape contractor, they are referred to as a gardener. Gardening is often seen as hobby and does not require formal training. Using artificial grass can save you a lot of time and cost and you can purchase form AGR Turf.

Reasons to install a putting green

If you are a fan of golf then you really don’t need much of a reason as to why you should install golf AGL Turf to your lawn. But don’t worry, we are going to list some reasons anyway just so you know everything you are going to get when you choose synthetic turf for golfing.

You can practice anytime that you want to. You have the golf course in your backyard, you never have to worry about driving to the club. If you have kids, it can be a lot like a mini golf course in their backyard. You can wake up in the morning and golf before work and play some more when you get home. 

You never have to worry about spending money for a membership that you are never going to use. How many people actually go to the club everyday to play golf? They are wasting a lot of money to have access to the club but never taking advantage of it. We understand if this isn’t your choice and you just never have the time to drive down there, but if you install it in your yard then you will never have an excuse to not play your favorite game.

Not only does it save you money when it comes to having a membership to the golf club, but it also saves you money on yard maintenance. Have you ever wondered why golf courses choose a synthetic turf to play on instead of the real grass that they have available? It never needs to be mowed, sprayed for weeds, or watered. It is completely fake and what you see is what you get. You will have perfect putting grounds for the rest of your life and it is all thanks to this synthetic turf.

It’s also impossible to break through, even if your swings are rough. So you don’t have to worry about damaging your new lawn after you have it installed. 

It dries quickly when it rains, too. So you no longer have to stay indoors after the rain comes through and soaks your yard. The synthetic grass dries fast and within an hour you will have dry land to play on.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, or go online, and get your synthetic turf ordered today so you can play golf by next week.